Friday, September 10, 2010

Wohoo.. Tag Time.. Bloggy Award time.. Wohoo.

Woooh... Maddie I am honored. Being tagged and of course receiving the blogging honors. Now to accept it, I must

1. Thank those who loved you enough to bestow this gift.
2. Share seven (7) things about yourself.
3. Bestow this honor onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers – in no particular order – who are fantastic in some way.

So for 1.. .Maddie... Thanks thanks thanks... :-) Truly.. Its so cool to get all three.. Sweet Blog, Versatile Blog and Lovely Blog. Yippie..

Now for number 2:
7 Secrets.. Hmm.
1- I laugh through horror movies, just so that I don’t get scared. And then I keep telling myself... it’s so lame, I better laugh. But then, deep down, I do get scared... and now I have come to accept that, I can watch horror genre with someone in the room- never alone. Luckily, hubby doesn’t like this genre as well.. and sure as hell, I am not paying 10$ for this genre. Chick Flicks are great, thank you very much.

2- I love post-its, spreadsheets, planning and organizing. I think I am pretty good at it and I enjoy it. I am an endless list maker. I like checking stuff off. However, I am slowly letting go of the 'my way' planning and going along with the flow. It does feel good sometimes to not fret about the details and just really chill. It's hard, but I am getting better at it (I think). It’s funny, I like planning as much as I like spontaneity.

3- I started blogging to get over the fear of being read. Seriously. I like writing and though I am not skilled at making it catchy, funny... I really enjoy the passion of words.

4- I would love to ‘someday’ own a tool shed, a complete tool shed with saw, cutters, and paints and so on. I would love to make stuff, try out stuff and again, really not worry about how it turns out but enjoy the process of it all.

5- Hmm, I am sucker for romantic movies, series, but I hate reading romance novels. They are simply boring. The words which should induce passion, pain, love just come across as cheesy. It aint my cup of tea.

6- I like to be on the move, on the go. I do like sitting back and chilling, only to be 'planning' for something to do next. SD and I are suckers for being out the door. We like fresh air. On cold days, we'll even just be happy going to gym or penthouse.. just to be outside the house for a bit.

7- When we begun our parenting journey; I was really waiting for the "maternal" instincts to kick in. V was about to come out in the world, and I was still waiting. V is now 2.5 years old... and I have the "mama bear.. dont you DARE hurt my precious cub feeling"... May be this is 'maternal instinct'. Is it?

And now for 3: re-tagging.
Here it goes.
Forever Mother,

And drum roll.
Sweet Blog Award
One Lovely Blog
Versatile Blogger


rashmi said...

Hey..thanks a lot for awards and tag :-)
Its been long that i didnt get any :-)
I m same like you on point 1 and 5 :-)

Garima said...

@ Rashmi... cant wait to read yours.. And I am surprised at Number 1.
How cool right. We can still watch it and come across as "strong" though we are chicken!

UmaS said...

Hey, Congrats to you and thanks for passing it on to me too. :) Am so happy. :)

Are u on FB ??? Would love to be frnds with you. :) Love all those points abt u - esp the planning part and how u are slowly leaving it out...

Done the same thing sometime back -