Monday, October 18, 2010

Don’t mess with the perfect...

...Pizza that is.
I learnt it the hard way.
Right after our marriage, hubby introduced me (in my own words) a whacky combination pizza topping- Jalapeno's and Pineapple.
The first time he mentioned it to me.. I was like… let’s do half, you take that whacky combination and I will take my vegetables with tonnes of Jalapeños. Pineapple. Thank you very much.
Hubby warned me, I am not sharing my side. By now, I was laughing in my head.. hehe... don’t worry, I don’t WANT your side of pizza... Pineapple on a pizza, thank you very much.
The pizza arrived, on his insistence, I tried one slice of the Pineapple-Jalapeno whacky combination.....and I was hooked. Dude, it tastes awesome. Seriously. But of course, I could not confess. Hence I did the next best thing possible- the "puppy-face" and let me tell you.. It worked...
The one more slice turned into one more bite and by the end of the dinner, the vegetables side of the pizza was left untouched. I was a happy girl. Of course, SD was not, since I overlooked his warning about "not sharing his whacky combination"
The rest is history they say.
Now.. anytime we order pizzas, make pizza's, go for pizza's. I make the customary warning: Get your own!
Yes, I will try other toppings once in a while, but I return to my whacky combination soon enough. A friend aptly put a while ago- Pizza toppings- Jalapeno Pineapple of course, is there any other kind?

And hence... don’t mess with the perfect winning combination of the weird pizza toppings!

Now tell me, which toppings gets your attention? Which is the set that make you want to make the puppy-face to get one more slice!


Maddie said...

Pineapple on pizza??? Not for me. I still like my veggies. But I hadn't tasted a single pizza until hubby forced me to have one after about a year of marriage. See how many years I wasted. That way I think I am entitled to have a pizza a day, don't ya think?

UmaS said...

Oh yeah, I love pineapples on my pizza much.....I try out any topping, before deciding to say no...he he he... ;)

rashmi said...

I too luv pineapples on my topping..I normally perfer, country club or veggie lover..or anything which is new on menu :-)

Lakshmi said...

Me too. My hubby is a sucker for pineapples and peppers combo and I got hooked too :)

Tina said...

Mine has forever been and will always be a classic ... The Margarita :)

Garima said...

@ Maddie, Tina..........try pineapples with peppers.. on my request.. pretyy please... its amazing
@ Rest..............yehaaaaaaa for more tropical fruit lovers