Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yes, Vanity is my sin!

FYI- This is a girly girl post! So if talking about purses, brands, shoes, fashion puts you to sleep, stop now~
Also, I rather begin with a disclaimer. Seriously. By no means, am I qualified to talk fashion. I'd rather have Prutha write this post... for her vast knowledge! Trust me.
But, this is one topic that I often discuss. I am no fashionista, quite the opposite. I just like to dress "well" which implies, something which is comfortable, cute and camouflages the hmmmm the curves. Yes I love shoes, purses, accessories. A typical XX chromosome. ;-)

Not so long ago, a friend and I got into a friendly banter about the "investment" in branded purse or branded anything. His view point, besides the fact he hated the brand (OMG!!! he is guy, he doesn’t know is what I told him!), a purse is something where you put your keys and wallet, it a branded purse really worth it? Yes, he has a point. (Rolling eyes) But my counter was I’d rather have one good one than 40 others which needs replacements often. Of course, I had to glare at Sumit to hide his grin.
But I stick to my gut; a branded purse is definitely worth it. Of course, it lasts longer, it looks really nice and above all, you love yourself for carrying it for yourself. No one else.
Don’t know about you, but I am fine with getting a "good deal" on a nice brand. I am fine being the Outlet Mall shopper. Retail for me is overpriced and over rated. I know I know a few are OMG'ishing now... but... what to say! ;-)
I have been a window shopper at “BlueFly” for a bit. A dear friend introduced me to “Rue la la”. I am hooked. Recently I was invited to "Gilt Blogger Breakfast". Of course I know about Gilt, I am a typical XX. I reviewed the invite; it was for the Gilt-Chicago initiative. Perfect way to spend the morning meeting area bloggers, the Gilt founders and of course enjoy breakfast at The Peninsula. I moved a few things around; adjusted my work week and accepted the Blogger Breakfast invite.
What a ride! I met wonderful people, business starters, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, Savvy mom bloggers, mom bloggers, frugal fashion bloggers,food bloggers and really nice people. One of them was chatting with me and in less than five minutes was like... OMG, isn’t your sweater Armani'09 fall season- I love it. I was sheepish and astounded. I said, “yes it is,” and confessed, “Girl.. all I know is your Loub's.. I can spot them from a distance. Rest. Ahem” We both giggled like school girls!
I enjoyed the breakfast, came to know more about Gilt group as a whole. The founder- Alexandra was definitely a charmer, well versed business woman. But she was so relatable. She had a 7 month old baby at home and we both spoke genuinely about the related motherhood concerns.
I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.
I am hooked to Gilt. That's another "daily must go site" I am window shopping in. Hubby is rightfully worried... the window shopping will not just remain window shopping for long!
I am "Gilt'y" as charged!

Note: The views expressed above are totally my own. I was invited to the Gilt Blogger Breakfast as a Chicago Blogger and no compensation was involved. Gilt group gave the attendee bloggers a fifty dollar gift card to put to “good use” and get hooked for life.


UmaS said...

I love this side of us....makes us feel so good, right ????

I do agree....one good branded thingy is far better than 100 things, which fails u always. ;)

Lovely meet...its good to meet fellow bloggers. :)

kets said...

:) finally u have it there......nly we know how improtant the bags with tags are ;)

Garima said...

@ UmaS: Its the side of us that completes us

@ Kets... hehe.. Finally got to use it.. Finally!

Teddy with fangs said...

I am not a brands person, but what 'looks good on me' person. For instance, have flaunted bags, picked up at flea markets and attracted a lot compliments. At the same time a branded outfit hasn't gotten the attention it so dearly deserved. Point being, one should really know one's individual fashion statement and viola! Brand or not! Mission accomplished... :0)