Tuesday, October 12, 2010


He SMILEs because he sees your future
And Oh, how HAPPY shall that future be
- Edward Monkton

I like this quotation. A Lot. I stumbled on my Igoogle page with the random quote of the day. I scribbled it on post-it and it stares back at me on my office desk.
I like this quotation. A Lot.
I really don’t know why though. Yeah, I can go on and on about optimism, positive thoughts, glass half full and so on. But it does not add up. So many times, I wish I had a magic ball to go and see how it will all turn out in ten, twenty, thirty years from now. I generally don’t want to go back and fix stuff. The past is what has made me who I am today. I want to go ahead, to see how changes, decisions, chosen paths will affect my future, our future.
SD and I always smile when we talk about such stuff.
There are times, when I wish, Life was a movie, I could fast forward, pause and sometimes just mute out stuff. I wish I could see tomorrow, the next thrill, the next pain, the next joke, the end.
I guess there is a reason I love admiring kids/ toddlers/ infants. My daughter, all two and a half years of her says this to the sun each night: "Bye Bye sun, Bye Bye, Moon is coming, I will see you tomorrow." The next morning, she will go the patio and exclaim: "Sun is back, yay!" and hop around the house.
I notice this, I smile, and I think I get it. Each day is a new day. Happiness, Tears, fears, giggles, ended yesterday. But. Each day is a new day. "He" whoever he is, already knows that. He SMILES.
The sun undeniably returns each morning and reminds us- SMILE.
My daughter irrefutably returns each evening to bid adieu to the day gone and SMILE's for what tomorrow holds.
We, the adults, on the contrary... want to fast forward.
"What If's" come but making our today fruitful is what I always forget.

He SMILEs because he sees your future
And Oh, how HAPPY shall that future be - Edward Monkton

I like this quotation. A Lot. But I think you already got that


Lakshmi said...

This is a total you post :) I love this positive vibe. I used to worry and still do worry about future, but my ever so positive husband has changed me to a much saner level of worries :)

UmaS said...

Yes, now that u repeated it quite a lot...I am also starting to like it. Thats why I always think that childish innocence to live for the day, without a care for the next day, is lost when we grow...sometimes we lose it early too.... :)

Ppl who live for the moment, certainly find more joy in life.

Tina said...

You know I've felt within that after a while optimism makes one complacent. The theory/belief that all turns out well in the end, or for that matter happens for the best is something of a paradox. On the one hand you have to stay optimistic to survive. (this goes only for those who're inclined to positivity) On the other hand, if you turn complacent because of such beliefs you lose aggression for your aims. For me, the biggest lesson this year has been balancing the two. What's been the challenge for you??

Garima said...

@ Lakshmi........Girl you reminded me of what postive spirit does.
@ Uma... I wish we could be as innocent as them... or keep them in that bubble as much as possible!
@ Tine... good point.. but see.. the ahppiness quotient changes...there always has to be something that you are going/ working towards.. but if you know.. it will happen, it will keep the spirits good!