Monday, November 8, 2010

Just some time....

... for myself.
I have said it, written about it, discussed, it cried about it, felt guilty about it. But I have vented out and made sure to do something about carving some time out for myself. It might be just cooking. For me cooking is therapeutic. It’s relaxing and stress free... if I don’t have to entertain inquisitive toddlers questions all the time! But bottom line, with my continuous rants, I make sure to do something just for myself.. even if its once a week. It might be a girls night, a walk by myself, a manicure session, a gossip call with a friend, writing till wee hours of morning, a shopping spree.. anything!
The other evening, i thought about my husband- my team! He does not discuss, write, complain, nag or anything else for his lack of "me-time" Nothing. Nada. With both of us working, and him taking a daily two to three hour commute just so we can live next door to my work and daughter's day care reduces a relaxed evening for him to zero! The occasional downtime he does get is spent with our daughter, or catching up paper work outside work and other errands I ask him to do.
Hmm, now please don’t judge me as being a selfish prick who does not value the necessity for me-time for hubby. I value it completely and hence the realization -I am not supporting him as much as he is supporting me to carve out me-time for ourselves.
But, it leads to a bigger question, why does he not complain about the lack of "me time".
Are men wired so differently?
So I asked him?.. and all he said is, for "me-time" anything sports related is perfect. I don’t need to be doing something to feel relaxed. A mindless TV show, a movie or just sitting on the couch without getting bothered is good enough. When you are out for your me-time and kid is sleeping, it’s my me-time as well. No big deal.
Yes, I hugged him tight right there and then.
For me it’s not as simple, I need to be doing something for "me-time".
I am jealous. I am envious of the simplicity of his wiring. His me-time is a simple down time where he gets his mind and body relaxed. Nice.
I will try it sometime soon.


Priyanka Rajkhowa said... this is interesting....but do all men really feel this way, I wonder :))...have to ask DD...

Lakshmi said...

Wow. Mine definitely likes his ME time as much as I do :(

Anonymous said...

same like laks....mine too likes me time and he always want to sleep in his me time or go for shopping alone :-)
your hubby is really cool and diff :-)

Anonymous said...

Me too me too and same with my hubby. Though he hasn't mentioned it in so many words. But the guy just doesn't crave for me time as I do.

Garima said...

@ what did DD say??
@ Lakhsmi... hmm... i should as SD once again?
@ alone.. wow.. I am impressed.
@ we are in the same boat.. what to do about it now??