Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smell of new...

..Its November already. Can you beleive that. Wasnt it just recently that I was planning the new years party and its November already. Wow.
So smell of new.... November is in the air.
Which for us Chicagoans mean, a chill in the air, falling leaves and gorgeous sun eluding us just a bit. It means summer clothes going in hibernation and the sweaters, covers, shawls, gloves coming out. It means warm coffees and warmer indoors. It also means the onset of festive seasons. Whether its Diwali, Thanksgiving, Xmas or just beautiful lights and "SweeT" atmosphere around.
The smell of New November is here.
I love Novembers! Lots of celebrations, milestones and a smile.
So tell me... aren't you feeling the smell of New Novemeber?


Anonymous said...

I sure luv november....as iluv winter.splly thsi kind of weather where its not too chilly but lil cold :-)
and holidays coz of festive season....just sitting in office waitnig for day to over ..and my 5days off will start :-)

Garima said...

Aaah... vacation time! I love thee

Lakshmi said...

You have captured the change of season beautifully in these few words. I love november coz my lil one's birthday is this month :), in fact over now!

Garima said...

@ Laksmi.....I hope you are enjoying the milder winters in India!