Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cooking as a stress buster

Well... I enjoy cooking A lot. And one thing that I have been missing in this whole move process, is having my own instruments, my ingredients and my stuff to cook healthy, amusing things, having me and my family... ooh and aah. You see food is a very important thing in our household!
Yes we have a lovely kitchen (tiny but functional) in the hotel/ apt. we in temporarily. But its just not the same.
Add on it woes of school decisions, not finding the right apartment in the right budget and not being able to figure out... What The Hell is a Mew, and why is it soooo tiny! ;-)
I was tired... I pretty much threw family out( aka sternly requested hubby to take V to the park) and put on the music that I like. Looked as ingredients in my tiny doll kitchen and the pantry...and decided to cook something. Anything....

In all honesty, At time of writing, I still have not tasted it.. taken pictures of the dish, ingredients and hopefully if the experimentation comes out good, I promise I will post about the recipe and family reactions.
But honestly, the forty five minutes of cooking pots and pans, aromas filling up my room, music in my ears...made me refreshed! :-) I am a happy, cooking is a stress buster for me. Mainly because I get uninterrupted time to enjoy something, see the results pretty soon and above all, since I can sing without worrying that the glass panes will break.

As I wait for the family to return from the park... the table is set, the plates/ forks laid out.. and I am typing this away, crossing my fingers and really hoping that my 'experimental- zuccini-carrot-rice-pilaf- with stuff' came out okay to taste... it does look swanky.

What's your stress buster.... when you know things are out of your control (Like agents calling you back and saying what happened to the offer you put in for the perfect place, or schools that your daughter and you love have a tiny wait list and you are waiting for results... or above all.... when more than 90% of your belongings are in storage/ in transit and suddenly you missing them!)
Fill me in.

"Moving is fun... if you make it" That's my new mantra

Meanwhile fingers crossed, will report soon!


Anonymous said...

Cooking certainly is a stress-buster. :) That dish looks so divine. Hope it was tasting divine too. :)

Garima said...

@Uma... it turned out pretty good!