Monday, May 2, 2011

Today it is

All right... I guess its right to say: am off today to London.. in a couple of hours, will be on our flight...our long flight across to London.
Wow... we are actually doing it. Last few days hhave been a whirl wind.
More farewells, more packing material, more boxes and more trashing and more of everything.. we left Chicago after meeting our friends one more time. Came to East Coast, pretty much took over our friends house and had a blast with Baby A and V being the 'chatter box'. Of course meeting friends and dancing to moroccon cuisine on my friends birthday, walking on river trails, eating more and more and then just relaxing.
It feels like I am going from home to unknown.

I know it will be okay, its a step in the right direction, but this will be the first time for us in London.....

Wish us luck... and talk to you from London time


UmaS said...

London is a gr8 place to be....waiting to hear more from u as a blogger !!! :) :)

Take care and have fun. :)

UmaS said...

Bikram stays in London -

And Pallavi too -

Anu -
Have some blogger meets too....