Monday, May 9, 2011

In the land of monopoly

I really think I am not in London but in monopoly board. The little I have seen London, it has station names like pica dilly , bond street, Oxford street and the likes....If this does not remind you of monopoly, I don't know what will. The cute part is stations like mayfair and marlyebone, were considered pricey in monopoly and from what my realtor told me...that's true here as well. Game emulates an actual city.

London is a very good mix, very different from an American perspective. Well I know I am Indian, but have been in US during my formative years, so let me say this, very different from an American returns perspective. 
The obvious like, wrong side of the road aside, subtle differences like, separate taps of hot and cold water, different stores for a different items. For example,in CVS in US, one would get pharmacy related things, milk, basic food and basically all you need for a forgotten not so much. I needed a crepe bandage for my sprained ankle, Sumit had to go to three convenience stores to get it....not that convenient if you think about it, eh?
But even other prettier differences, kids playing cricket in the park, cobble stone pathway s all around with the modern construction together like peas in a pod, a charming, delightful accent and the same adjectives used continuously by people around to describe the more, it's so cool, awesome....more ' refined' if you will.
The biggest surprise to me is the size.....everything is just small and for what NYC people would call shoe box is called spacious here. Take for example one three bedroom we saw, 650 sq. Feet had it all....three bedrooms, a fitted kitchen and two baths. It's beside the point that if I was walking in the passage, no one else could fit...yes we said no to that.
It's an interesting adjustments, in the week here I have come across a couple of other expats or migrants from America, the theme is different. Some have come to love this city with all it's splendor, activities, short falls and weather, some on the other hand are complaining about lack of space, amenities, air conditioning, warm beer, expensive( which I have to agree with, 3 dollars for 3 onions..... Seriously) and  the likes.

For me....I am enjoying this experience a lot. I am totally floored on the true inter cultural experience, the cobblestone pathway. Yes I am not a local yet..still in a lovely hotel, still figuring out the areas, the schools, the work and the embracing the city if you will. But for what I have seen..... I like, and what a Brit would's charming, eh?


celestialrays said...

For medical reqmts I'd advise Boots, Superdrug, Alliance or any other pharmacy. Convinience stores with everything under one roof are Tesco(not the express one), ASDA, LIDL, Sainsbury. Asda does 5kg onion sack fir less than £2- I find it quite ok. Asda in fact is by far the most reasonable decent store here.

What else do you want to know? :D

MaDe In Umami said...

charming eh?? cracking up on that! you've summed up initial london impressions quite aptly! yes its all a bit posh, cramped, propah and drily sarcastic. but once you internalis all that its a bloody lot of fun, and so much to do and see and absorb! its still a cultural, social and financial epicentre for the world :) cant wait to join you. ona different note if you love your food you must check out mariam and my blog on eating out and all things yum! and if you like, do read, share and follow :)

UmaS said...

Thats so cute CR - for all the tips u have given Garima... :) Love this blogo world, esp for this !!! :)

Am glad u are liking UK !!! Enjoy. :)