Friday, July 15, 2011

Hong Kong- First Impression

Walking around the streets on Mong kok and exploring the city with nothing else but a camera, water and a map is liberating.
I am in Hong Kong visiting Sumit. So while he slogs in office, I soak in the city completely. V is with her grand parents and uncle in India getting pampered and minus being miserable every other hour since there is no one troubling me with incessant "why's", I am enjoying the city.
My first impression of the city- which of course I will say, begins at the Airport is "Wow" this is plush geen. The landing strip really feels like you are landing on water.... the strip extends on to reclaimed land, and what you see are mountains, sail bots, misty clouds all around you. Breath taking. Trust me, not what I expected at all. Once you are out of the airport, the weather hits you, with its complete humidity, heat and 'OMG' ness. But you love it still.
The drive from the airport to my hotel- in Mong Kok was amazing. There is the sea/ocean on one side, tall mountains on the other. Untill the driver takes the exit, you wonder, where should I look, this side or that.
Mong kok itself is what I though it to be. Streets flanked by stores, Chinese and Cantonese food, street vendors, jewelery stores, lots of people in a rush and a lovely hotel welcoming you to the air conditioned space. Our room being on a higher floor, offers breath taking views of the city.
In the evening I went over to the Hong Kong island/ Central side, met hubby after a couple of weeks and we got chatting, hugging and saying: "wow, we miss V so much" hehe, trust me, first words out of our mouths. We were to meet some friends in SoHo. (Doesn't every city have a SoHo now!!!). The Lan Kwai Fong is amazing as well. Since I was in the after office time, the bars, pubs and restraunts were buzzing with people catching up, relaxing and enjoying. We had delicious Mexican food in SoHo. Yes, we are awesome that way, come all the way to Hong Kong, and my first meal is Mexican. But, with us being Vegetarian, I was really apprehensive about trying Cantonese/ Chinese or local food without some research. But the food was delicious, quantities plentiful and company even more delightful. I met my friend, after 15 years. Yes 15 years and it didnt feel like a day had past. It was so nice. So while we squared nachos, and licked the Gauc, we realized that the place was now shut and the owners were making not so subtle gestures that we better leave. Hehe, good times.
My first impression of Hong Kong was, "Such a mix and match" I cant figure it out if its fast, slow, natural, man made or what? I will figure it out.
But let me say bye for now.. and get back to reading my 'Lonely Planet' guide to figure out where to next. ... Keep you posted.

And yes....this is the first vacation without V by my side. It feels weird, though I am liking it, I didnt realize, I will miss her this much.

Baby... will see you soon, real soon.

For you... pictures will come, promise, but in a bit. Till then hoping you enjoy the lengthy travel memoirs...

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