Saturday, July 2, 2011

After four long years

This post is post marked, when you read this I will be sitting in my house back in India really enjoying the pampering and relaxation. I am going to India, yohooo, after four long years. It's the first time for V as well. Sadly Sumit will be traveling for work and not joining us, but that is honestly not dampening my spirit.
We have not told my in laws, so it's a surprise for them. Completely. I am just going to show up with V, ring the bell and say "anyone home? " seriously, that's what I am doing.
This trip marks a few firsts for me and us as a family
- after marriage, first trip sans husband to India.
- first trip with V by myself.
- V's first trip to India.
- me leaving V possibly for a week with grand parents while I join Sumit in his travels.
- every thing first time with V in India, I wonder how my reunions with friends is going to be!
And yes missing hubby a lot.

Wow, yes I am excited as hell! I will try blogging, no promises, but I do assure, I will be writing to publish may be later.

Hope you guys take care while I enjoy with V at home.


Gayatri said...

Have lots of fun! And please eat lots of roadside chaat for me :)

jaish_vats said...

Things to do in India!! Whoa!!!...The holiday schedule is never sufficient to cover that list!Have fun :)

Lakshmi said...

Am sure you are enjoying your vacation, all the firsts :)