Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bargaining is an art

Which sadly I dont possess. Nada.
Not at all and sadly if you want to do some street shopping in Hong Kong, you better know how to bargain.... in short be a mean terminator.
While walking down the three infamously named as: "Ladies Market", "Sports Market" and "Electronics Market", i once again realised, I need a mean negotiator with me to get the right price for the knick knacks I wanted to buy.
It completely reminded me of a trip to Bankok, where my friend just said: Point to me what you want and walk away, I will get it for you. Needless to say, she got it for me at less than 70% of the original price quoted to me. Lovely!
Back to my woes....
There was a time in Jaipur on a street shop, when I asked the price of a pair of shoes. I was quoted 125 rs. (About 2$ then), I said, okay, can I get it for 110 rs. The seller burst out laughing and said, "Madam take it for 100 rs. I insist" I was super red and happy. Then comes my husband and sister in law saying: "50 rs. no more" The guy gave it.
Its been that day and today, I am "banned" from any street side shopping without a "mean negotiator" with me.
Now, for some successful shopping here, I need tips.

So friends, please tell me what works? Tips/ guidelines/ to-do's anything?
Please pretty please..

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Prutha Raithatha said...

just take sumit along to bargain.. not to pick for u...for that u need me :).. sending tic? ill some to rain on ur honeymoon part 2 parade