Monday, September 5, 2011

New Month, New stories...

September, feels like a good month already

1. Two of my besties birthday!!!
2. One of them visiting me here in London with his wife... another bestie of mine!
3. Miss V, my little baby, starting her Big Girl School with uniform and classes and curriculum. OMG.
4. Hubby returns, he gets back to home, to family.
5. Speaking of family, have my In-laws, SIL and Bro-in law also visiting from India.

Full House, Full Throttle, Full Masti! Life is good, chaotic but good!

So how is your month looking with winter disguised as autumn round the corner?


Gayatri said...

How's the full house going? My little apartment is full too, with Abhi's bhabhi and her baby visiting. The experience is making me more and more in awe of all you mothers!!


AAD said...

Hello, I came across your blog through some other blog, I forget which one though...just wanted to say I liked your blog, and especially really liked the layout and the design, very well designed, and aesthetic....