Friday, December 17, 2010

Mid-Week breaks...

I really could get used to these! A few months ago, a girl friend of mine decided to meet mid-week.. hmm.. why, just like that- everyone needs a mid-week break we thought. A simple dinner one evening after V was asleep, we girls headed off to a neighborhood bistro, had a blast and swore to do it once a month.
It’s been fun ever since. We meet more often..And before the current mid-week break is over, we are already planning for the next one. We told more girl friends about this crazy mid-week break idea and they got hooked on. And we all know it will be a late night and we all know it’s a working day the next day! So now, it’s no longer where, what, who, why.. it’s just more of when. We know the remainder is logistics. As long as we know when, the rest will get worked out easily.
When we do meet as couples, as families, us girls would still be laughing at that stupid joke or the yummy food or that crazy server or how we were literally thrown of the restaurant since it was way past the closing time! Good Times. :-D
It’s not fancy, it’s just what a break is suppose to be. We have had dinners, pot dinners, eat what’s left over, eat what needs minimum intervention, snacking dinners, order-in dinners. Bottom line, anything and everything works provided we have the company and loads and loads of conversations and loads of giggles and some heartfelt conversations.
So the boys I think said- enough! Now, they are trying to meet up weekly, sit over there glasses and discuss business, play poker whatever. May be I will call it- Boys night! Now, we have some kick ass girl poker players. The mid-week break is now extended, its just a mid-week break for everyone! We try to meet up as often as possible, either set up the poker table, have good-bye parties for little pets, meet up to gossip, offer expert relationship advices, tease the funny accents, or even just plain old bitch!
Aaaah... such fun!

Here is to more mid-week breaks!

Note: Yes, I know next day is a working day, but the week goes by so quickly now with the mid-week break. Yes, V still sleeps 'almost' on her regular sleep times... 30-45 minutes later than normal is okay! Yes, friends accommodate by reducing volumes for a bit until V is snooze land! and Yes, thank god for coffee for me the next morning.


Scribbler said...

wow..mid breaks sure are fun and doing it regularly us super duper hit,I'm sure :)

GB said...

It sounds wonderful Garima---we have yet to make friends we can hang out like that with. :(

bah, moving sucks.

Here's to more mid-week breaks for you, (and to new friends--for us!) :)

Garima said...

@ Scribbler... oh yes.. and I just recouping from my mid-week break! do I know you... seriously, you have me thinking...hmm.. help please