Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Day, Another Try at this "Getting Fit" Thing!

I have documented this business of 'Getting Fit' before and was not very successful. I am all about healthy recipes and the fun stuff. But still, the weighty matters have become integral to me. Mind you, I am not happy about it. But it is what it is.
Luckily or painstakingly, I have come to a point where I don’t have (major) body issues. I am what I am and am comfortable in my skin (most of the times and for the rest, there is Spanx!). With kids, work, life in general, I really don’t get time for working out. Yes, that can be a priority and taking an hour out from my day with such a supporting husband should not be hard.
I get that, but it just falls down the priority list. I can’t even come up with an excuse as to why?

Recently, we had family visiting and my cousin introduced us to this thing called 'FitBit'. Concept is simple, it’s a fancy name for a cooler and more hi tech pedometer. It counts the number of steps you take in a day. Simple.
(Image from google)
But the fun part is, you can set targets for yourself, synch in with the endless possible gadgets to see how far you are from your daily target, challenge with family and friends who have this as well. If you really are into it, you can even include calorie intake in its app and track it from there. The sleep tracking tells you, did you have a restful sleep or now. Somehow this with kids makes me pity myself a bit ;-)
Well, I caved and we bought one for me. I am on day 3. Today
Day 2, I was 1000 steps away from my target of '8000' steps a day.
Day 2: I was 2000 steps OVER from my target of '8000' steps a day.
Hmm> Today, I am hoping to catch up and ensure I meet my target.
Since its new, the novelty factor makes it so much fun. I cant wait to synch it up and see, how I am doing. The cool thing is, you are walking anyways for life in general. This just keeps a tab on it and keeps you accountable. As Sumit says 'It makes you push yourself just a little bit more in your daily routine' And then I am hoping slowly it will encourage me to walk a bit more, to increase my targets slowly and continue this.
I will be realistic; I know I am enthusiastic due to the novelty of the device. But oh well, me being me, lets enjoy the moment and worry about it later!
The only thing I didn’t like about FitBit since I wore it, It's ugly. A black plasticky band on you. The other colors were all sold out. Even this one, took me a good time to get my hand on. Plus with its material, it really looks unfashionable, stocky and eww. But I know it’s for a purpose, so I will suck it up and continue wearing it. But I really DONT like how it looks. It's app for the iPad also has a lot to desire for.
We have ordered a band for Sumit. It should arrive in a couple of weeks and then we will have company in this wonderful misery of the 'Getting Fit Saga'

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