Friday, August 23, 2013

Story of the brown bagged colorful lunch

Now that I am doing better with my 'Must do 10K steps on weekdays' rule, a thing to compensate that was taking lunches from home.
In spirit of full disclosure, i hate carrying lunch from home. Let me put it another way, I love eating out. Or maybe, I like being away from my desk when I eat just to get the  break. Or yet, with so many options here, why bother with same old same old home cooked lunch!
You get the idea!
On his recent grocery trip, Sumit got 'loads and loads' of vegetables and fruits. It took both of us over an hour to arrange and re-arrange everything in the fridge! His reasoning, they looked so fresh.
I said more lunches, salads, fruit custards, fruit smoothies!
So one of these mornings, I tossed myself this delish salad- Let’s call it '7 min. salad'
Ingredients: All finely chopped:
- Lettuce leaves-4 to 5
- Baby Carrots- 7 or 8
- Cucumber - Half
- Peach - 1
- Raspberry - Handful
- Minced Ginger - 1/4 tea spoon
- Pickled Ginger - 6 or 7 (I used the one which you get along with Sushi!)
Process: Take all of the above and toss them in a big box to carry for lunch! Done!
1 sachet of Black Pepper
1 tsp of Spicy Sauce, yes you read that right, again Sumit's idea! 
The lunch was delicious, the fruits and the spicy sauce compensate each other beautifully. The ginger adds a zing to it and the lack of any salad dressing makes the salad feel lighter and more fresher.
 It really reminded me of this Perfect Salad I had in London a while ago
I wish I had some walnuts or almonds to make it 'nutty'

All in all, this was one delicious brown bagged lunch with loads of color!

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