Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tch Tch- This Lazy Business is bad!

I should keep up: Well for both, blogging and secondly and more importantly for my 'Getting Fit' business and its reporting!
Its been exactly a month, since I bought the 'Fit Bit'.
The journey has been 'up and down' and sadly 'more down than up'. Ok, let me elaborate.
The first two weeks, the novelty of it was awesome. I was keeping up with it, increased my target to 10000 steps and doing good. I didn’t meet it every day, but met it 5 out of 7 days. Yay!
But in the past two weeks, I have been BAD. Last week, I met my target of 10K steps only ONE day. Yes NOT GOOD.
And on top of it, I relished food way too much and in my case it SHOWS, everywhere and more importantly my jeans are more snug than I want them to be.

So another Monday, another resolution!
Well. My aim for this week is simple- I want to meet my target EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY!
That's it.
Just meet my target and I promise come next week, I will 'display' my weekly report that Fit Bit sends me and puts me to shape.
 Sumit bought a Fit Bit for himself as well. So its two of us now. Our cousins, who introduced us to this, have been insisting we join them for 'Group Tracking' and I am not up for that YET. So the struggle continues.
I think the best and the worst part of Fit Bit is- It really shows how LAZY your day to day life is. If we cant do 10K steps in a day at the age we are, the future looks a bit well 'podgy'. Yes my initial target was 8K which I meet comfortably, but I want to push myself, just a little at a time.
So wish me luck> I want my 10K badges!!

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