Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The tooth story

I never imagined the tooth fairy will be so perfectly timed.
One baby- The Little Lady got her first emergence of tooth last week.
One baby- The chatter Box got her first wiggly tooth last week as well.

Here is what I wam thinking- Tooth Fairy is taking one trip to my house.
Delivering one tooth in the infant and taking the other from the school going kid.
No, I am not thinking that she is taking V's tooth and putting it in S's mouth. But yeah, she is going to make ONE trip.

Sumit and I, both are in professions that ensure business runs efficiently and effectively. We preach and practice this day in and day out.
What I didnt know is that the tooth fairy heard the 'efficiency' rants in our house.

So yup, she is efficient and effective.

This week, we will have one child crying and climbing out of bed middle of the night, since the tooth is wiggly and it hurts and it bleeds.
The same week, we will have another child crying loud enough to make us climb out of bed middle of the night, since the tooth is emerging and it hurts.

I tell you, its perfect. One week- One tooth out, one tooth in. and ONLY one week of sleepless ness.

Effective and Efficient.

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