Thursday, December 31, 2015

A new year

Year 2014 was good but still weird and confusing!!!
All I wanted at the end of 2014, was a 'simple event free healthy year'

I am so happy to report that 2015 has been just that.

We completed 10 years of marital bliss.
Our kids are now 8 and 3 aka amazing young kids who are explorers at heart like us.
Our nearest and dearest families have had new additions to their families aka, making my joys quadrupled. And I get to play with all these little babies and pamper them silly!

Health wise, knock on wood, its been really good. Small maters continue to persist, but all in all I think compared to any of the recent years, I am so happy that my annuals gave me an almost clean bill of health.

As usual, we explored, some short trips, like camping an hour away,  some long trips, like our coastal break in Oregon; some quick last minute getaways, can you believe my CA trip was a 'quick getaway' and some elaborate holidays planned, aha, the Indian Exploration this year!!!!

We have had both sides of the family visiting form India, Dubai, Ethiopia which is all so wonderful since we get to reconnect, we bond, we fight and we just be ourselves however silly it may be!

For me, my friends are such important part of my life. I thrive, unwind and bitch with them. It's really nice to have a close knit of friends around me now. The edits in my relationship from last year have really helped me be more at peace with myself. I am coming to realize that I am more content now.

What do I hope for my next year: Well I am hoping, more of the same, more fun, more frolic, more travel and above all more happiness.

Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year!

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