Thursday, December 10, 2015

Finally a good sign

Put on the dancing shoes... or may be the dancing dress.

If I could, I would somersault today. As vain as it may sound... I fit almost perfectly in my favorite pair of jeans today. Yippie Yeah!

No holding breath to button it up, no wearing larger t shirts to cover the bulge, no keeping it lowest in my stack of jeans!
I have been quiet diligent in my 'MyFitness Pal' journeythat’s about 8 weeks old now. I have been tracking it, weighing in and definitely working to follow through. I have not started 'working out' or made drastic adjustments to lifestyle yet. But the one thing I have been doing quiet diligently is 'portion control' and more protein and less carbs. 

If you read my first post or actually any post regarding this whole business: You know I love my carbs, The roti's, the bread's, the pasta's.They are my staple meal.

This tool classifies your meals in' 50% Carb, 30% Fat, 20% Protein. In all honesty, I am generally over in carb and less in protein. In the 'Fat' content depends on the day :-).

The toughest part of using the 'MyFitness Pal' is reducing the carb intake.

Regardless today is the day to celebrate, I am almost fitting in my favorite part of jeans. I will take that.

The really nice part of this tool (and the key reason I have been able to follow through this) is that it does not say: don’t do this, don’t do that. I can eat everything and still lose some of the weight and above all fit into my jeans!

I love my food and I love the fact that I can eat everything, enjoy the flavors and just manage controlling the portions. It so far has been sustainable. Of course I go over my 'recommended calorie' intake generally on weekends. There have been days where I have consumed twice the number of recommended calories (We just had Diwali season, I mean come on!!!).

But the good thing is weekdays it’s fairly easy to follow through. Brown bagging lunches, skipping on sugar in coffee, no eggs in desserts have all helped me a little bit.

The biggest help has been Sumit and his sweet compliments :-) It is quite a motivator I tell you.

So over all- Yippie Yeah

Do you know how I celebrated my fit in the jeans: Over a bowl of Sriracha Flavored Potato Chips!!!

First Goal: Continue using the tool till October Trip: Done
Second Goal: Increase protein and use the tool till December Trip: Almost There!
Third Goal: Re-start the tool after December trip and get to my target weight by end of first
quarter 2016: Hmm, Will report in 2016.

But I love the compliments and the confidence I have that I can get to my third goal as well.

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