Monday, January 11, 2016

Little Lady is 3!! Already!

 Yes she is, I believe 3 is a magical age, they are suddenly more in control of their emotion (aka tantrums), they are chatty (all the time) and they look at the world
with exploring eyes. Above all, they have opinions, strong opinions about how things should be. Call them feisty if you will, but at 3, they are adorable.

Little Lady is true to everything above. To continue my traditions of yearly letters to the girls: Here is one dedicated to my 'chamchu'

Beautiful Chamchu,

You are my baby, the cute with puppy eyes and a whole lot of adorable attitude. No matter how old you get, you always will be my baby, my little baby. Your sister continues to be the Big Baby.
You are stubborn and headstrong but you are so so caring. You will be the first one to come and ask 'Are you okay?' kiss the boo-boo away. There are times when you drive me up the wall with the headstrong nature, but I do know you will be passionate about what you feel and why you feel. Right now it's chocolates and Mithai!

I worry sometimes when you continue to play by yourself no matter how much I coax you to play with your friends when they visit. You are happy doing what you do, and you tell me, I am playing! You are just being yourself and I do forget that from time to time. It's okay, I will back off.

Stay Affectionate

You have your preferences with people, I know that. There are some whom you jump to and could stay in their arms forever, you would cry the biggest tears at separating from them and then there are others whom you just smile and get conscious around. But I admire your courage of figuring it out on your own. Your sister adores you and would lay her life for you and I know you'd do the same for her. You help me forget any worries around sibling rivalry. Stay together, you have a best friend for life, no questions asked.

My budding foodie, Okay that may be pushing it a bit. But stay curious about food, I know you are more about how the 'food looks' than how 'it tastes'. But for me, its important you try everything Vegetarian possible under the sun. Life is a lot of fun being a vegetarian foodie, I kid you not. Bur for starters, play less with your food and eat more!

I love you and don’t ever question that. You are a wonderful bundle of joy for us. Your sister and you complete our world and I know any worries that I may have, vanish when I hear your melodious voice.
My little 3 year old monster/ prankster/ adorable munchkin. I love you, your dad loves you, your sister loves you to no bounds!!
Stay Happy, healthy and smiling takes away all the worries possible.


PS: I know I am a little late in posting this, some how this post stayed in drafts

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