Monday, January 25, 2016

The journey of 'Myfitness pal' continues

Progress: I have documented every morsel of food in my mouth in the app. Yes. I have been +10% of calorie intake, which is well ok I guess. My percentage distribution of food sucked. My FitnessPal recommends 50% carb, 30% Fat, 20% Protein. I have been blowing that for sure, it has been more like 50% carb and 50% fat. So though the calorie intake is farely ok, the kind of food I have been consuming is not that great.

What this means, in plain English is: Since protein is not up to the mark, I get hungry more often and I snack more (read unhealthy snacking) and as you know I can't stay hungry since my crankiness is directly proportional to my hunger, I snack more.

So aim for week 2: Well the obvious, continue tracking progress and then this week, may be increase the protein intake and 'try reducing' the unhealthy fat intake.
Plain and simple. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the world. Increase protein so I stay fuller longer.

Weight Wise: I am at the weight I was before my India trip implying, the weight I gained in India is off. So Yay for small achievements!

What's worked for me this week: Home lunches! I know Sumit laughs now when I say that I will carry food from home! He has been nagging me for years now. But definitely brown bagging lunches has helped. Most importantly for portion control. I still take the Kachori and the Mithai for snacking, but even then knowing the exact intake helps.

I keep coming back to why this model of tracking food in an app works for me: I can eat everything I want. I am foodie and for me to 'diet'is the biggest form of punishment!
So last night at my friends place, I happily ate the pizza and the kidney beans and the Bread Rolls. Knowing that I was still at decent 'balance of food intake'. And I think that's the key for a sustainable model: 'Eat everything, make the right balance and this way you can enjoy food and shed some pounds'

I am hoping to re-start yoga (Re-start after 2 years!!!!) next week, so if anything else, I will strengthen myself. Since I have learned, Yoga does zero for weight loss and wonders for calmness!

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