Friday, January 22, 2016

Ooooh the Jalebi story!

We were in Ahmedabad at Vishala: A theme restaurant with delicious Gujarati food. At dinner, our Little Lady (3 year old) is dancing around and eventually offers Sumit a Jalebi.

Now, if you have been following my Little Lady Chronicles, this one stands out: She loves her mithai and chocolates.

So her sharing 'Jalebi' her favorite Indian dish is a surprise. Sumit, the doting dad that he is, very happily eats it immediately followed by a long 'eeeeeeeeeeew' by my Older chatterbox Miss V.

She says: 'You know what Little Lady did, she licked it, sucked all the sweet stuff out and then offered the half eaten jalebi to you'

Both Sumit and I went 'eeeeeeeeeeew' as the Little Lady chuckled and continued dancing

This my friends is 'the Jalebi story'

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