Monday, February 22, 2016

A little of this... and a little of that!

It is almost the end of February and time as usual seems to be flying, kids are getting cuter and more mature with every passing day. I am sort of keeping it together in the busy work lives and amazing family times.

They do say, time passes quickly when you are having fun. However, to be honest, not all has been fun, work has been crazy stressful, resulting in off-moods at home a la moi. It should be out of sight, out of mind. Somehow work wise, it’s not happening.

Slowly but surely, I am getting to a point of 'Being Stressed about the fact that I should not be stressed!'

On not so good news, I am at a plateau 'Getting Fit' business. On the up side, I am still using my app for tracking my food intake, but on the other side, I am not 'leveraging' the tools.

This implies, on a daily basis, I blow through my calories quickly and the real downer is that my ‘fat intake’ is still higher than ‘Protein’, which has been my biggest failure!

Yes, I continue to blame the delicious Indian snacks we got from our December vacation!

Oh well, the aim of getting to my target weight by my birthday seems a bit far right now. Its only 5 pounds away!!! So close yet so far!

Let me clarify, my 'true target weight' is still a far, however, you know me, I need to take small steps... So by end of Q1, I had a weight in mind and as of today, I am 5 pounds away from it.

I know I still have a month and it’s achievable within a 10% range. Still, since I am not doing anything about it, I am getting to a stage of self-pity!

On happier notes, life has been busy but good. This week, a friend of mine booked me in for a massage and then later this week we are planning to start the yoga classes together. 

We finally visited the MSI, started playing the game ‘Clue’ with my older Miss Chatterbox and playing the ‘Memory Game’ with the Little Lady. 

I have a series of baby sprinkles that I am helping host, implying many smaller babies coming in that I could play with. With the weather warming up, the Evening Park and picnic trips with the kids is 
not that far!

Warmer Weather = Happier Me!

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