Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Look Ma: No Training Wheels

My Chatterbox, the 8 year old is off-training wheels on the bike. It took 3 days, one dedicated child and a lovely morning with the slope to get her started and zoom she goes...

Honestly, I was mesmerized by her. One, she kept at it until she got it, she fell down once and went back up again and above all, she was going fast and I had to 'Be Okay' with not seeing here every minute.

That was the hardest part for me..... Seeing her go fast and be on the corner of the parks and my eyes fixated on her and straining to find her. Luckily I was with friends who kept me happy and distracted else I would for sure have been a bucket of tears... one for being proud for her and the other for .....She is become so big!

No training wheels...wow!

I vividly remember learning the bike with no training wheels, it was in my maternal grand mother's courtyard. There is a small elevation and my cousins saying they are 'holding' on to me but letting me go and ride. I think I remember the cheers and then me plummeting into the wall and laughing my head off.

It was a big step for me.. and now letting go of Miss V with no training wheels for her.

In three social settings recently we told friends, oh V is off training wheels and they were like: Isn't 8 too late. I think now I have the answer practiced: 'I was ready now to let her go without the training wheels' 

Miss V, go, go on the hills, on the slopes, by the lake, enjoy the bike! I will watch you from afar but my eyes will be fixated on you. Always.

Inspired by her, I went biking this weekend with dear friends after 14 long years and what they say about biking is true: Once you know it, you can forget!


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