Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer: A different kind...Empty nest for 6 weeks

The kids are in India for summer this year. They have done this before, and its always different!

My husband went to drop the 3.5 and the 8.5 year old to spend time with the grandparents, cousins and just 'relax' over summer.

Day 1: That's what they are doing, relaxing. They have played cricket with cousins, eaten more ice creams then they could count, chatted with daadi and are over all, done nothing but still accomplished everything: Peace of mind and giggles. Lots of them.

This experience will be fun for them. It really is and I am hoping the next 6 weeks is filled with more 'nothingness'. I can call it 'cultural immersion' it's honestly not. It is just kids being kids!

As a parent, I get selfish, i miss them. The house seems like a ghost town. There is no 'Finish your oatmeal' battles, no 'snuggling on couch to read' no 'bed time struggles' Nothing, there is this silence. And it's weird.

I am super thankful for both sets of grandparents to making the girls trip as memorable. Putting their own lives on hold just to spend time with them. My family flying into India from across the world just to be with the girls. To spend time with them, to teach them, to learn from them and above all to give them a summer of a lifetime.

Of course after they flew, I was miserable. I just wanted to be left alone. But I have good friends. They checked in on me, planned dinners, planned events, grabbed me out and ensure I was not sulking at home, messaged me every few hours to just check in, called me with crying kids in background reminding me I should cherish the peace.

And I will.
The 6 weeks will be very long and yet very short. I am goingto keep ourselves busy and really enjoy the little things. I told the girls when they were at airport: Just has fun.

And that's what I am going to do in addition to missing them terribly- Have Fun.
These 6 weeks will be different. Very different.

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