Wednesday, September 7, 2016

3.5 years of complete and utter joy

Ok, may be some tantrums, some stubbornness, some food pickiness, but with Little Lady, now a
little over 3.5 years of age is complete and utter joy!!

Her name means the 'Peaceful One'!
0-1: That's what she was. Feed her and change her on time, and she is a happy girl.
1-2: The pattern pretty much continued, of course moving from Nanny to Day Care was a bit tough on her, but besides that she pretty much was angelic.
2-3: Shy and reserved outside, but a riot in the house. This totally describer her toddler year.
3- Till Date: Complete and Utter Joy.

A quick update:

Head Strong and her go hand in hand. Once she makes up her mind, there is very slim chance of you changing it. Good Luck is all I can say.
She is now in the 'Why/Who/Where phase' Case in point: If she looks at my what's app contact-
she will ask who is this, why do they live there and ask a gazillion simple questions to keep you on toes.

Daring: There is no slide she won’t conquer, there are no steps that she won’t jump off, there is no adventure she will shy away from. She thoroughly enjoys swimming, but definitely not the class

Musical: Oh my, a lot of our family calls her 'Gud Ki Dali' implying A sugar Cube. And that is true, she is singy songy, melodious and definitely has an adorable sweet voice. Yeah, I should look at some singing lessons for her.

The one thing she is not excited about is challenges when it comes to reading/ writing.
Example: She knows to write 'A' really well so will stick to that and take a while before venturing to a new alphabet. Numbers, haha, good luck having her 'try to write' any other number except '1'. She is definitely not showing any signs of interest in reading as well. Oh well, she will be ready when she is!

Puzzles, Structures: Now this she can sit for a while and do it. She will keep attempting, ask for her but keep at it for a while. She is pretty good at entertaining herself while say: I am cooking/ working etc.

Language: I can go on and on writing about this, she is now fluent in Hindi and English and is ONLY conversing in Hindi with us and reminds us 'Hindi mein bolo' of course her 2 month trip to India with grandparents had a lot to do with that. She has a flair for languages, loves Spanish in school and is amazingly sweet about teaching me songs in it!

Phone & TV. My gosh, this is her true passion, remember point 1: Headstrong. She will argue and make any case possible as long as you cave in for TV/Ipad/Phone. Uff.

Sisterly Connection- They fight, there is no subtle way to put it. Yes my girls are 5 years apart and they fight! Not all the time, they will over  sharing a cookie, a pencil, an Ipad. Little Lady will go and pull Miss V’s hair just because. She follows her ‘didi’ like a shadow but will annoy her a lot as well

No write up about Little Lady is complete without describing her ‘Girly Choices’ She picks out my mom’s nail paints and had her ‘Naani’ change the nail paint color every single day for 2 months. She is all about dresses and couldn’t care less about pants. She will twirl with utter joy and loves to dress up in anything Indian.

Here is where V and Little Lady differ the most!!!

Coming back to 'Peaceful One' I am blessed with two young vivacious girls!

Both of them bring utter peace to my being. And Yes, Little Lady is hilarious, girly, witty,
shy outside the house and a riot inside.

I see her I smile, she has a tantrum, I find it cute, she has a meltdown I laugh!!  I know, bad parenting.. But she is a true utter joy!

I want to make sure I capture this sweet innocence and the person she is now!

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