Friday, September 9, 2016

Summer of 2016

Summer here is officially over, kids are back to school, life is back to regular scheduled programming.

As I have been getting back to 'life' I keep hearing: Summer was too short! Luckily Chicago weather has been good and its still amazing, I guess they are referring to 'summer: the official close of schools is over' I agree and disagree.

Agree: Wasn't it just yesterday I bid adieu to my munchkins are they went to spend 8 blissful weeks (First 1 with Sumit in India, 5 with Grand Parents solo and 2 again with us joining them) in India with the Grandparents and Cousins. Wasn't it yesterday that Sumit and I planned our '4 trips whilst the kids are away' Wasn't it yesterday that I washed and folded 11 loads of laundry since after kids left everything really needed to be re-washed!!

Disagree: They were gone for a really long time. I mean being away from the kids for 6 weeks is 
relaxing for sure, but definitely the empty house is not. Seeing other kids in the playground, at the beach, having tantrums over dinner all gave me an empty void. It was really long!

Yes we traveled while they were away: A weekend getaway to Pittsburgh to ring in cousins 50th, a last minute trip to Grand Yosemite, a romantic 4 day relaxation trip to Montreal-Quebec. I barely cooked whilst the kids were away. We ate out, walked, biked, met friends, and enjoyed long dinners and even longer chats! We piled on pounds, caught up on some books; saw some shows and the best of all: Really slept in!

I'd be lying if I said didn't enjoy the mornings: I mean waking up, showering at your leisurely pace and just heading to work was amazing!

But now that they are back, waking up to their cute hugs is the right way to start the morning.
The kids in India also relaxed: They watched a LOT of TV, cartoons, traveled with grandparents. Dressed up and enjoyed the gathering of cousins and friends. Attended weddings, and lots of reading, swimming, going on horse carriage rides, getting a fair share of ice cream and generally 'just bumming around'. They bonded with their cousins, fought with them, played with them and definitely bonded!!

A non-scheduled summer like it should be!

My Chatterbox-Miss V: Slept in, almost every single day. My Little Lady picked up Hindi so beautifully that she is only conversing in Hindi out of choice with us!

It really works out to have this balance trip: A friend mentioned: Your parents are doing 2 things: Pampering the grand kids and pampering you! I agree, since I got the 'much needed break' The kids loads of un divided attention and really got to broaden their horizons and get more independent!

This could not have been possible without our families in India. They paused their own lives to ensure the kids were happy and settling in! And now as they get used the quietness around the house, we get used to the riot!

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