Monday, November 21, 2016

Munch Bunch: Thanksgiving Edition: Zesty Cranberry Relish

It's Thanksgiving... already! This year seems to have flown past!

Thanksgiving means lots of food, lots of meeting and greeting family and friends and definitely being thankful for all we have and cherishing the time.  Of course as an Indian, this is an inherited festival for me. I learned about this festival, its significance and its importance in my adult years after moving here.

During my single days and even child free days, it was all about having an extended long weekend and a vacation. Over the years we have formed simple traditions for us as a family. And as it should, most of them involve food.

This past weekend, we had our monthly Munch Bunch: Gathering of 4 like-minded couples along with families who meet monthly with a new theme or cuisine. This way we get to attempt new recipes and test and fail in a much smaller setting and learn about cuisines of the world.

This month's theme: Thanksgiving

   Mulled Wine
Main/ Appetizer Course: 
   Cranberry Relish
   Butternut Squash Risotto
   Angel Hair Pasta
   Green Bean Casserole
   Pull Out Garlic Bread
   Brussels Sprout Salad
   Habanero Sauce
   Pumpkin Pie
   Berry Pie

And we ate and ate and then ate some more in true Thanksgiving style!!

Here is the recipe for 'Best-est Cranberry Relish'

And I say that for two reasons, the taste: It was one of the most refreshing things to taste. With the Thanksgiving menu as elaborate as it was, it was the perfect add-on!
And then second reason-The effort- its the easiest recipe to assemble and follow. It took me 7 minutes from start to finish. Definitely follows my theme of 'Quick Food Fix'

And for a taste as solid as this- it was totally worth the 'effort'

A very dear friend of mine who hosts two traditional thanksgiving dinner during this season gave me this I definitely have her to thank for it.

2 Whole Oranges
6 Cups Fresh Cranberry
1.5 Cup Sugar (You can adjust this based on your intake)

1. Wash the oranges and place them in the blender with the skin
2. Yes, with the skin, trust me on this
3. Blend the orange in a nice 'smoothie' consistency
4. Add the washed cranberry and sugar
5. Run the blender until cranberry is well in 'relish consistency'
6. Add about 1/2 cup of water for a smoother finish
7. Tada! Done

Yes, done, I did say 7 minutes for a reason!

Now just place them in a box for serving. Recommendation: make this the night before you are having the thanksgiving dinner... it really helps the juices and the flavors to enhance.

Here is our set of kids being thankful for amazing companions, wonderful friends and a happy home. 

This year we have our cousin visiting us for Thanksgiving, we are planning to watch the Thanksgiving Parade, enjoy the ChristKindle Market followed by gathering of some friends for.... you guessed it: More Food

Happy Thanksgiving. 

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