Sunday, December 18, 2016

Little Lady is 4!

Little Lady,

You are Four now... yes, its your birthday, Finally!

I asked you what you wanted to do for your birthday and here is your complete list
1. Go to Skinner park and have a picnic
2. Get 4 cards: Flamingo, Cat, Princess and Queen drawings on them.
3. You want Paav-Bhaaji for lunch
4. Lots of candies and chocolates
5. A cake with more M&M's and choolates
6. Meet the friends and family

That's it.
AND I love your list and I promise we will do EVERY single one of them and then just a little bit more!
Well except the going to the park, being outside in negative 15 F. is no fun for anyone!

The best word to describe you is 'Firecracker'
Reason: You enter the room and it is filled with your firecracker jokes, your vivacious personality and the 'batting of eyelashes'

You leave us in Awe Little Lady
1. Awe of your charms
2. Awe of the crocodile tears that come and go really quickly
3. Awe of your non-stop chatter about 'Let me tell you something'
4. Awe of your tantrums for a chocolate
5. Awe of 'Lets do Writing Practice'
6. Awe of you trying to converse with us in Hindi, Spanish and 'Hinglish' as you call it.
7. Awe of your devotion to your older sister
and above all..
8. Awe of just you!

Little Lady, you are four today I write you this letter of four things that I want you to know my lovely little angel.

Little Lady,

1. Be strong and be kind.
2. Have an opinion but be open to learning and listening to the other's point of view.
3. See the world through the Rose Tinted Glasses, there will always be ups and down's but seeing the silver line makes it always worth it!
4, Know yourself and if you do, then others opinion of you really does not matter.

Lots of Love'

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