Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016: Wishing you a Happy Balanced Year Ahead

Of course it started with our crazy (bad) flight experience coming back from India via Turkish Airlines, getting stranded with the two girls on foreign soil in winter for 4 days is no fun for anyone!
That debacle aside, I was a bit nervous getting into this year..... I still believe what you do on the New Years Day(s) sets a pace for the rest of the year... and this was not a good pace.
For once, I was the one who asked Sumit, no fancy travelling this year, I really was shaken up!

The girls are growing to be very fine young women now... if I can say so myself. 
Little Lady (Now 4) is charming and is filled with sillyjokes and fun anecdotes. Her highlight is always skipping around the house. She is one 'Happy Soul' 

The Miss Chatterbox (Almost 9) is getting more mature, testing our boundaries a little but still her passion for learning is infections! She is now hooked to Harry Potter Series and is finishing up Book 4. She is definitely wise beyond her years

Sumit and I professionally have had a change of pace all in the right direction. It's gotten busier for us, more challenging and above all more satisfying for both of us. Which is always a really good thing.

A few key highlights, a WONDERFUL relaxing Spring Break trip to Florida and meeting cousins in Everglades. The kids enjoying their summer in India while we traveled up here- Yosemite, Montreal, Quebec and Pittsburgh. All this with a life altering trip to the wonderful 'Leh and Laddakh'. The serenity of that place still mesmerizes me. There were a few more quick getaways from the city, but all in all a nice pace of travel.

We are finishing off the year to a lovely road trip: Chicago-St. Louis-Memphis- New Orleans-Nashville-Chicago

What do I say, travelling and trips are more for memories and really spending time with the family to enjoy, relax and learn something new

This year health wise and 'Getting Fit' has been better than last 2 years for sure. I went for my annual check up and even my doctor commented, am glad you ending this year strong!

Life has been good to us in general, we have parents who dote us and inspire us even today. We have kids who remind us that tomorrow will be even more beautiful. We have each other giving support, holding when we fall and laughing as we go along. We have wonderful friends who are there for us when we need them and are there for us even when we dont know we need a shoulder. We are blessed and happy!

2016 was definitely a better balanced year, what I learned is a Power of No.
If you really think that place is not letting you achieve your potential, say NO and have the courage to walk out.
If you really think that relationship is getting heavier, then say NO and maintain the peace for yourself.
If you really think your family needs something else, then say NO and do what makes the core happy.

To a more balanced year ahead!

Wishing you and your Family a very Happy New Year

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