Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kids say the darnest things... or the cutest things!

Its been a while since I have posted, been busy and a little pre-occupied!
But the best way to get back into the writing mode is to just do it and humor makes it easier!
So Kids Say the darnest things edition

Story number 1:
Little Lady and Miss Chatterbox are currently learning Hindi and with my mom in town, the immersion with the language has been easier for sure.
A lazy Sunday Morning, Little Lady is chatting with her cousin in India and conversion in Hindi.
---Conversation in Hindi---
Cousin from India: Appka Favorite color kya hain?
Little Lady: Mera sabse acha rang 'Sunehra' hain!
-----End of Conversation----

We all here and in India burst out laughing, no one uses the word 'Sunehra' any more. And my mom was super proud: 'My work here of making them puritan's of the language is done!

Story number 2:
Now, Chicago is a windy city, and yes the winters get really cold. But we have been in this city for about a decade and kind of have gotten used to it.

A morning drive:
Little Lady: Mummy, its only 35 F today, its so warm today!
Me: Yes, but slightly chilly still, so you need your jackets/
Little Lady: It's Chicago, so 35F is warm!

I guess she has learned to find the silver lining already!

As I navigate the waters of being a mother of a 10 year old and 5 year old, life is always fun, sometimes funny and a lot of times I do have a Deer in Headlight moment!
The one thing that helps me keep sane (sort of) is finding this silver lining in life!

Find your world through the rose tinted glasses, it makes you smile.

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