Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Day 2: Great wall of China... Kids Edition

China tales continue...... See here for our Day 1, Our itinerary and some pointers before travelling to china with kids

"Great Wall", this remains the unanimous highlight of the entire trip of 14!
The older kids of course knew what the "hoo haah" was about... and the little ones, well were just sharing the excitement.

The day started with a trip to the Jade Museum and it was as touristy as it sounds. But we did find an amazing hidden 'picturesque' spot and of course the photo taking began and we had to pull everyone back in the bus saying "enough with the pictures man!" But it's never enough!

As the roads winded to the Great Wall, all guests were gasping and oohing and aahing. It's much bigger than any picture you may have seen, its more mesmerizing and the mystery of why it was build in the first place leaves you asking more questions! We got off, geared up, bundled up and started the "hike"

My nephew, 2.5 years of age is super active and believes in running more than walking, so rightfully so, my brother and sister in law decided to enjoy the foot hills of the wall and just catch a breath! The rest of us started the 'trek'

What a trek it was!! The steps are high, uneven and rough, but it inspires you to climb more and conquer this wall.

My friend bundled her baby on one of those carriers and climbed up... yes all the way to the top. God bless her soul. She did more than any of us combined.
The hike and the climb to the top is worth it. We were blessed with great weather and the higher we climber, the stronger the sun got and more layers came off. The kids were competing with one another, and definitely my friend (fittest of us all) kept up to their speed and reached the top.
Please do this hike with your kids. Please do, yes you will be slower, they might complain, carry water, candies and hats, but please hike up. The sense of achievement my 5 year old, Little Lady felt was amazing, she still recants with utmost pride! My Chatterbox has hiked plenty before this, but I feel the amazement of a man made wonder with such rich history left her speechless!

The views, well a picture speaks a thousand words.

Our descend was of course quicker and honestly more "treacherous". We paired up and climbed down and again, my friend had the baby tied to her back... I think she deserves a standing ovation or a really nice leg massage!!! Of course I came down to my nephew jumping with joy and giving us high fives! The sweet innocence.

After a traditional Chinese lunch, we returned back to the hotel, by now, bone tired. But again, the "rule breakers" that we are... we all had had our own experiences to make that evening! One family went on to see a mesmerizing show of the dynasty. One family decided to stay back and just enjoy down time with the kids and do local shopping and well the rest of us, once again boarded the local train and headed to the silk market. And we had fresh orange juice from a vending machine, yes FRESH. I have a video to prove it and content kids to talk about it with!

The market itself, what an experience! I don't think I have it in me to bargain or withstand the aggressive selling they do!

The ladies were done in for the evening, imagine, girls saying no for shopping!!
We took a cab home with the kids and pretty much collapsed after some food and packing up. Sumit and our friend returned victorious after some more shopping and finding an Indian restaurant with delicious food, yep, I was jealous!

The next day was an early start to check out, head to a medicinal museum, Summer Palace and then onwards to Shanghai-Wuxi. We bid adieu to this city, the old and the new!

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Zhen Lei said...

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