Friday, March 23, 2018

Tradition.. just because

At the doctor's for the kids annual exams, I have a tradition, the girls dress up in the 'Paper Dresses' and I snap pictures of them.
Since 2014, so I can call it an annual tradition right?

Look at those faces, aren't they adorable. The nurse walks in just as I was coercing them to 'smile naturally' for this amazing tradition and the nurse chuckles and asks- Why?
I respond, I love the story of 'The Paper Bag Princess' and ever since I read that story, I do this... It's like an ode to the book written in 1981. They did know the reality even then!!
If you have not read it, please do.

What is a silly tradition that you have in your family? just because!

On a side note, Here is my Little Lady's new installment on 'Kids Say the Darnest Things'
Evening time, while the kids sip on their milk and argue about the silliest thing, this conversation ensues

Little Lady: " Did didi (Miss Chatterbox) grow up in your tummy?"
Me, the smart mom: "Yes honey, she did"
Little Lady: " Did I grow up in your tummy?"
Me, the smart mom: "Yes honey, you did too"
Little Lady: "Oh that means we both met each other in your tummy and have been friends since
Me, the smart mom: "Uh well, not exactly since you both were in my tummy 5 years apart"
Little Lady: "But we both were in your tummy and I know her since then! I remember!!. We used to fight even then"
Me, the confused mom: "uh- okay"

And then as always, laughter ensues!! "She remembers the fighting!! Is this her justification, man... I am creeped out. I think.

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