Monday, April 16, 2018

A tale: From shorts to pants

Changing back into Pants From Shorts... how simple can that be. Very Simple.

But recently such a task was "Oh man" moment for me.

With my parents visiting, we had an impromptu trip to Florida for part medical and part Lets take a break! I think Sunshine brings out the best in us! I was happy when I landed from Chicago in mid 70's at 10 pm in Florida. We were in flip flops, shorts, singlets and hats and sun glasses. We carried lemonade through the day to keep us hydrated and enjoyed the sun shine.

The short trip was good. Always nice to get a decent bill of health and in addition soak in some sun!

On our way back at the Florida airport, kids were asked to remove the shorts from their sun kissed selves and wear full pants, long sleeved shirts and their sweaters.

And that's when it came all flooding in!!! IHATE the weather in Chicago in April!
Its should be Spring weather at least, may be mid 60's instead of snow!
This time is for

  • Kids to stomp on the playground and smell fresh flower buds, instead they are covered in layers.
  • We should trade in the heavy jackets and bring out the bright and cheery sweaters.
  • It should be the time that sniffles die away.
  • It should be a time of green, sun and breaking away from the dreary grey

To be transparent, I don’t mind winters at all, don’t get me wrong, its manageable and sipping hot tea and enjoying fresh snow flakes has its charms, but still in April: Cold, Grey and Snow is VERY depressing.

As I settle back in my routine with layers and jackets here in Chicago, I await the moment when I can trade my warm pants to something cotton, light and colorful and shorts!!!!

And may be in the next 6 weeks, I can wear the shorts for a brief 6 week period, if we are lucky here in wonderful Windy Chicago

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