Monday, April 23, 2018

Hot Coffee Day-Bonus: in a Cup

Coffee is a must for me... yada yada yada. You know this, so I am not going to go on and on how without my morning cup, there is a hugs gap in my mental alertness!

I will (for once) get to the point. What I do need, is the coffee hot. All weekdays, I am blessed with my Coffee Carrier and I sip on my coffee as i perform my rushed mornings things: Kids drop offs, chats, calls and roll into work. And I don't have luxury of time to do it any other way and have also stopped complaining about it now (most of the time).

But Saturday, not Sunday, now Saturday with no soccer games on the calendar, I need to enjoy this hot coffee in a grown up Ceramic Cup!

A ceramic cup when I can dunk my biscuits in the Coffee and enjoy it while I enjoy the peace, no rush morning and may be also have a conversation with my mum and "Chill"

And now my girls know it: Saturday Morning: No asking me for anything for those 20 minutes when I Sit, sip and really smell the coffee that I am drinking.

And this Bonus of me sipping my coffee in a cup has me more happy, more content and then I am back to the thick of task master mode "do this, do that" with the girls!

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