Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shhh.... Shhh....Shhh... ROFL!!!

On a very light note... a very very light slightly stinky note!
Remember the Three Idiots "Silencer Speech"
Here is the link: for those who missed the movie (WHAT>>> go see it now!), for those who don’t remember (Seriously?) and for those, who want to laugh once more (Now we are talking!)

I was on the receiving end of "paddum" moment(s)!!!! Eesshh! I was actually in three scenarios where it happened:

1: Loud ones: I was busily working at my desk, completing the last update to the ever changing project plan. When, from 4 cubes across, next to the copier.. I hear it! The clear, loud and distinct fart! Which at least went on for 5-7 seconds. The person looked around hoping no one noticed, but a couple of heads popped out of the cubes…. And a fit of laughter ensued. Though embarrassed, the person took it in great sprit and swore off any Mexican lunch plans!

2: Medium Ones: Ok, this is disgusting, so read at your own will (Peaked your curiosity, didn’t I). I always take stairs, even if it is to get warm water from my cafeteria 5 floors above~ So on one such afternoon, I am climbing the stairs, where the person in front (Thankfully a couple of steps ahead) lets out small/ loud enough/ spaced out/ stinky ones at each step she climbed.. It was for at least 5 steps. I couldn’t take it... I dashed for the nearest exit and took the elevator up! Thank you very much.

3: Silenced ones: Aaye! Recently at a party, the music was quiet loud; the ambience was dark and the conversations plenty. In order to hear the next person, we were literally next to their faces. Towards the later part of the evening, my tiny feet in my lovely shoes demanded I give them a break! I am sitting and chatting away, A friend comes, is bending down to chat with me, and then leaves abruptly. All 5 of us gathered near my chair, run in different directions, to ensure we avoid the 'nastiness' of the silent killer!

Eesh, yuck and Ouch.... but when put together... made me laugh as I typed each word above!


Piper .. said...

Ohh Boy!!! Incidentally, I have experienced each one of the farts you`ve described, as an unsuspecting victim! Gawddd!! On second thoughts, who hasnt??!! :):)

Lakshmi said...

LOL LOL Garima... Noteworthy incidents :) It is fun the way your pen this down!

GNSD said...

@ Piper..... oh yes.. sadly we have been many a times at the "receiving end of such".. the movie... actually helped me classify them... ok thats disgusting but you get the idea!!!

@ Lakshmi... Noteworthy..stinky incidents! Thanks.. am glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

boodom boodom...funny u r...