Friday, March 26, 2010

I saw Mickey Mouse!!!!!!!!!

I was away on a vacation.. and hence no posts, no comments, no facebooking, limited emails and even limited phone! Wow! I love vacations.
This one was super special for me. I went to Disney World!!!! Yeah! And once more.. I Saw Mickey Mouse!!! Yeah!
Call it childish, cute, immature, just funny.. Whatever.. I don’t care! Since I saw Mickey.. and i held my dad's hands through it! The trip was a recapture of my first US trip with my parents and brother in early '90s. I could remember a lot of details before we got there- like you need to take the boat to go to Magic Kingdom or that Space Mountain is the best ride ever.. and Mickey is the cutest mouse ever! ;-)
SD had booked a huge vacation home for us with a pool and Jacuzzi, we always had some place to recoup from the hours of walking and standing in line before hitting the bed. My mum had carried enough food to feed a mini country. Well at the end, the five adults ate it all! My dad would keep saying: Where is Baby.. and instead of V, I'd show up! (I know he was looking for V... but hey, until two years ago, I was the baby of the house!) My brother would keep playing with V, keep her engaged, take her to all the rides and just be a little kid with her. SD would hook on the Twenty20 on the TV and we'd all just chill over lemonade and V screaming Nice Shot! Even at 11 in the night and chilly 55F out, SD would swim; he would soak up the sun during the day! It was adorable!
The trip turned out to be not we had thought it to be! SD had read "Unofficial guide to Disney World" Found the tricks to reducing the wait time at lines, and figured out a lot of park details. But guess what! With the two year old, the best thing about the trip- The ability to Re-plan! We did 3 days= 4 parks, Visit to family friends and eating pakoras in Florida Rains overlooking a fabulous golf community, NASA and watching life-off's, taking the air boat for watching the alligators, sitting by the beach eating yummy fries and oh yes: Shopping!
The ten days went by fast! Faster than you can imagine. We got to spend a lot of time with my parents. It had been two years! For V, she always had her "Nana" or her "Mama" or her "Naani" to run if we enforced any thing on her. She got her unlimited splurge of M&M's. She got to see Mickey, hug Winnie the Pooh, give a Hi-Five to Goofy, Sit on Dinosaurs, Get spooked by Bugs-3D show. See Lions, Giraffes, the parades, the fireworks, and oh yes Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse! She woke up every morning in her crib and said "I saw Mickey Mouse" ;-) She slept holding Minnie's hand (Her stuff toy)!

Overall- I want more!! I want more!!!


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Welcome back to blogosphere and should I say the real world
:-))...looks like you guys had an awesome time, what can be better than a family vacation with three generations of folks :-)...will take a while to get back to the normal routine, I guess...look forward to more posts and yes, pics :-)

Shilpa said...

Wow... tat must have been a fun trip....

Lakshmi said...

That was loads of fun. Disney is never enough :) 10 days sounds awesome.

GNSD said...

@ Priaynka... Pics to come as soon as we settle back in.. Man.. wishing vacation never ends!
@ Shilpa.. It was a super fun, super short trip/ Hopefully more to come soon.
@ Lakhsmi.. Yes... Hopefully we will revisit when she is a bit older next time!

Pinnacle said...

Great post garry! love ur blogs

GNSD said...

@ Pinnacle... Thanks for the compliment.. So Sweet :-) Keep coming back for more