Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aah... Perfect Evening!

How I wish, every evening is as perfect!
I was out of office on time, picked up V from school on time, was home on time! You get the idea: Per schedule.
The rest of the evening... just got better.
Over making ships of oranges (Don’t question the creativity of a two year old okay!), and playing with strawberry fruits and arguing over who got the bigger piece, V and I finishes our shares of the daily afternoon fruit (Yay!). My family was returning from out of town and all I wanted to do was a cook a simple home meal (And still make it lavish = Rice, Curry, 3 Vegetables, Fresh Chapatti's, Salad, Snacks!) Yes the whole deal!
See it’s not everyday you get to impress your dad that, I can cook more than just Italian or Mexican! This was my turn!
To keep V engaged and not disturb digress me while I cooked, I did the next best thing: V, Mummy needs help! In less than 1.5 hours, the entire dinner was ready! Yes, Thanks to V's help! And no.. Its not called Child Labor! Come-on.
I was happy, V was excited, since she was a big girl helping mummy in the kitchen. I had my 'aah' moment! Clean kitchen, Dinner ready and V and I still had better part of the evening to play! And that’s what we did. Over games of blocks, puzzles and reading her new favorite book, I caught up with her day. V was done with dinner and bath, before SD knocked on the door!
I was thrilled. Smooth and easy evening I tell you! Only wishing every evening was as smooth! Come on, we can wish right?
Have I bored you enough with the details already? Ok. I will get to the point (Yes, there is a point!). I am almost out the door to pick up my parents when I realized! uff No Roti's done for SD yet! So in less than 2 minutes, Yes 2 minutes, I made perfectly round, soft Chapati's! SD was floored.. hehe.. and more than that I was! 2 Minutes! Round! Soft! Perfect!!!!!
Point is: I am boasting.
And on my drive to the airport, all I kept thinking was.... aha! That was quick! Icing on the cake to a perfect evening... My family enjoyed the meal, they even went as far as saying, it was delicious! It totally reminded me of my perfect family dinner.
You see... I am very under-confident of my simple cooked meals! So it’s a big deal for me!
Sadly, didn’t get to snap enough pictures!
The only flip side of all this was a blasting head ache I woke up with. May be all my self-gloating got to my head!


Sumit Dangi said...

I do agree- the rotis were round, soft and very delicious. I was amazed at the how quickly they were made.

Great work,
SD (yes- i do read your blogs :)

GNSD said...

@ SD: So it takes the soft roti's to make you finally post a comment on my blog... hehe..
I am glad you enjoyed the roti's.... I just hope next time they are as great!

Piper .. said...

:):) you make me crave for an evening like that! I didnt know you had a two-year old daughter!! Must be super fun! I have always wanted a daughter to raise..
How on earth did you manage all that in 1.5 hours???!!!!!
You..supermom...supercook..superwoman!!! As for rotis, I dont ever bother to try! :)

Shilpa said...

:) .... tats so nice...
Am still to show off my cooking skills to my parents :P

GNSD said...

@ Piper...Seems like my boasting did get to you.. I must add, it was those one off days! 1.5 hours, trust me, I am still in shock! I am slowly mastering the art of Roti's... wonder how our mothers did it so easily!

@ Shilpa... Am sure they will enjoy it. A Jap-Indo fusion will owrk perfect! Craving it now.