Monday, March 15, 2010

Is it okay... sit cross legged (Aalti Paalthi) in your office chair, while you are working away on your machine. Is it okay to maintain that posture while you are glued to your screen if someone stops by?

I dont know.. but i do it never the less. Honeslty, if I am at my desk, I generally am sitting cross legged, with my head set on, my water and hot herbal tea at arms length and the rest of my space alligned to the way I like it! My zone ;-)
It makes me feel comfortable, keeps me focussed and makes me keep my back more upright! I know, when i work with my feet down, I do tend to slouch! Causing the repeptetive back pains! I do have a foot stool (A habit i cultivated while i was pregnant!). But still.... between the two, the foot stool and the cross legged. I choose the latter.
Lately, i have been thinking about the perception of passer by's. Does it look bad/ unprofessional/ un lady-like! Hmm.
Again, this is only at my desk!

But is being comfortable while you work away, which in my case is sitting cross legged, considered..hmm... lax? Does it give the impression to passer by's.. i am well relaxing! Hmm May be a bit too comfortable. May be weird!
I dont know! Am i over reacting, over thinking. I honeslty hope so....
But what about you.. do you have a sitting way which makes you most efficient at work? Would you react negatively if you saw a person sitting cross legged? Do you think anyone cares!?


Lakshmi said...

Honestly, I feel good about people when they are casual and relaxed at work, rather than too formal about everything... I think you are good :) I used to sit with one leg on the chair and the other hanging, somehow found that comforting!

rashmi said...

hey i do sit in same post sometime ..aalthi palthi :-)
Its quite relaxing and help me in concentrating more when i m doing some critical work..
I never thought what passer by's will thnk...
doesnt matter much as ur work speaks more than chillax..and continue doing same :-)

Piper .. said...

It doesnt matter, my friend :) It`s your space. But if you ask me if people care, well.. I`m sure some do! :) I know lots of weirdos(and they`re everywhere, trust me!) who`ll not like the way you sit or stand or sleep or walk or breathe. It doesnt matter what they think, as long as you`re okay with it.
OK, now that I have made you feel awful, let me add something nice too :)
I do it all the time! I even fold one leg under the other sometimes! :) But I dont work in a proper office - only at the coffee shop twice a week :)

GNSD said...

@ Lakshmi, its not only me, every one has there work zone!
@Piper..... agreed, i am over thinking this... was just an observation... it was weir especially since three people swung by my desk when i was in my zone, smiled and walked on!!!!
Got me thinking you see!

Shilpa said...

Hey, I too sit with one of my legs crossed and the other hanging...I find it the most convenient.... But then, I never bothered to think it looks rude or something else.... thats the way I like sitting and yup it does keep my back straight too .....