Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is less really more?

I have friends who will make a simple black shirt be a piece of art... They will be able to wear the same shirt with so many different accessories.. that it will always leave you wondering.. Is it the same shirt? They call it the "Classic Piece!"
It leads me to talk about The Uniform project. A fashionista friend of mine, introduced me to the project, and I must say, I have been hooked ever since. The project itself is ingenious. It is a lot of things; for me, its about sustainable fashion, fashion with a cause, the power of layering, mix and matching and above all doing it all for a wonderful cause. I, as you can imagine, am super impressed.
It somehow makes me wanna experiment. I am generally classified as boring with my "attempts". I am by no means am super stylish (Yes I know, I suck!), but at the same time, I can’t call myself simple. I am some what in between... like most! I like to dress well, but for me, I believe in comfort! I wear what I prefer... somehow is never the trend, its simpler.
On a nasty afternoon, right after I had V, a very dear friend of mine intervened and told me: you have to take care of yourself, to be able and willing to take care of others!
I heard what she was saying, that day, I was miserable, no sleep, an almost infant V trying to adjust to me, in my ugliest PJ's just trying on pre-maternity jeans which refused to fit.
Motherhood or not, we all have been there. For girls- it could be fat days, bad hair days or just.. Nothing fits phase! And a friend of mine who always says: "I have nothing to wear tonight" with a closet full! ;-) You know who you are!!!
Sadly, I am there as well, more often than not. And every time I peek into my closet, I’d see clothes hanging, but I don’t know what to wear! It’s a constant struggle. Like most... I don’t have a closet the size of a room. It’s just enough for me to be comfortable with. So back to square one.
Sometime I feel I don’t have enough clothes.. and then sometimes I am like.. enough is enough.. I haven’t even worn this in months now! And then it’s back to the "I dont have enough clothes" rant... urgh!
Funnily I know; the girls reading this are nodding! And the guys are grudging.
What is it... with us girls... we never know... .is less more.. or is more never enough?

Yes.. we'll invest in the quality versus quantity until the sale comes along in BCBG, where we will vow to not enter to avoid ugly temptation.. And then the next minute we will be out with our contented shopping bags claiming…. It was such a great deal! I haven’t shopped in so long!
On my previous post about shoes, a friend told me, as girls we can never have enough shoes, purses or clothes. Is that true? Are we that materialistic... or are we just not satisfied.
Or are the designers and artists doing such a great job, they increase our needs for "that one dress" even though we don’t need it!
May be.. less is not more.. its just less


Lakshmi said...

Taking care of yourself is very important, isn't it? After I had S, for a while I was all concentrated on motherhood. Slowly it dawned on me that there are other things that need to be taken care of too like myself, my marriage, friends, work, other family etc. It comes and goes, the priorities change, but it is still refreshing to tend to ourselves and be happy.

By the way, still not seeing your new posts in google reader :( The last post that comes up is from Dec 22, is it just me?

GNSD said...

Laskhmi.. check now, i think you should be able to see it on the google reader now. Let me know if still an issue.
And yes... I agree... with changing priorities, we ahve to adjust our outlook with every passing day! Its a fun process though (most of the times!)

Lakshmi said...

Your magic worked, I see all the updates in reader now.. Have a great weekend!

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Nice post Garima...and a vigorous not from me about never having enough or the right clothes to wear with a closet full of clothes!! DD gets exasperated each time I say that:-)

GNSD said...

@ Priyanka.. There is no solution to this problem.. i know it will always happen. But what to do! We will enjoy our new spoils and feel guilty sometimes of getting spoilt too much!