Sunday, April 17, 2011

I caved in...

And got an iPad 2 as a gift for my Big 3-0! Thank you hubby!
I made it very clear to my family, that it's all mine and I get first right to use it... even if it to endless Gilt/ News/ Facebook. My machine, my rules! Simple.
When I ‘smartly recommended’ hubby to get this as a gift for me, I imagined myself sitting with my feet up writing furiously, reading at a tap of my finger, taking endless pictures, surfing with a really light weight wonder toy in my hand.
Sadly reality is very different! The four days that I have had it have been the following-
Me looking at endless app's for kids, playing Angry Birds of course, complaining about picture quality and downloading the 'Write with me' 'Dora Puzzles' ‘Math for kids’, ‘Mickey’s adventures’ and telling V: Be a good girl and you get it for 15 minutes and then resolving the conflict in the 16th minute. Fine two more minutes!
Hmm....While V was writing alphabets with her fingers, I was chatting with my brother and told him- We learnt writing with Chalk on black board. Less than a dollar and she gets this fancy gadget! Hmm.

In V's defense, yes, she does do 'tracing practice' on a Doodle and paper & Pencil. But the iPad is just so much cooler! Aaah!

The iPad is still mine. I plan to leave it switched off until kiddo is in bed. My husband might look at it longingly (Not me, the iPad!) but I will be firm at: “my machine, my rules’ and vow for iPad being a 'weekend' thing for V!

Now, I am waiting for my swanky case to carry it everywhere and a nicer, bigger purse to put the case in. Aesthetics I am all for it.
Once again, Happy Birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dearie! And congrats on the iPad :)) Hope you are having a blast.

Garima said...

@ wording my thoughts... I am an addict now... Seriously, its one fine peice of engineering!