Monday, April 4, 2011

Lunch In Paris: Fond memories revisted

It was actually a perfect time to read 'Lunch in Paris' With my 30th Birthday looming over my head and me having a mini-freak-out session. It was actually wonderful. Reading the memoir, it took be back in time when my husband and I were dating. Not technically Boyfriend-girlfriend, but just kind of figuring out and seeing if 'this is it' for us.
As I read about the nooks of Paris that the author went, I remembered the crazy lunches, weekend getaways, random trips we both made while 'sorta dating' and making very fond memories. SD and I are bitten willingly with travel bugs. No complains. We lived the farthest possible away from each other, diagonally opposite in US- I was enjoying my sunny California and he the four season filled East Coast! But the distance only made us grow closer.
With time some details have been forgotten but not the meals- I still remember the Thai food we had, our first meal together- He ordered some ugly coconut milk filled dish and I hated it. I vowed to never let him order my meals again. I remember cooking a surprise dessert for him. An Indian dessert which takes over two hours of cooking time. I made it and excitedly asked him to eat it. As he took the first morsel in, I exclaimed- "Oh no, I forgot to add sugar" Yes, no sugar in dessert.
The meals, the smells, the trips, the conversations all came alive as I snuggled in my Comforter and read 'Lunch In Paris'.

Note: I was sent this for guilty reading pleasure as a member of From Left to Write Book Club at no cost to me. However the views expressed are solely mine.


Bren said...

I must be a foodie-dropout. Our meals together are NOT what I remember about dating my husband.

Thanks for a fun post.

Emily said...

My husband I met through an article he wrote. He drove from OH to NJ to meet me. I took him to an Italian restaurant, one the Italian in me considered to be excellent.

I spent a lot of time looking down at my food and eating it. I was so shy I couldn't even look at him, even though we had been speaking on the phone for three months.

Thanks for the memory!

Silicon Valley Diva said...

So true about how you can remember the early meals!
Too funny about forgetting to add sugar. I can see myself doing that!

UmaS said...

Foods enjoyed or hated or not so easy to forget.... :)

LOL @ dessert without sugar !!! Sugar free huh ???? ;)

I had an ice-cream sundae when I met my man !!!! ;)

Lunch in Paris said...

Sometimes the near disasters are just as memorable as the masterpiece meals. I once came very close to adding Worchester sauce instead of vanilla to my rice pudding...

Garima said...

@ Bren... Haha that's most of our memories ;-)
@ Emily.. Aaah, sweet thoughts... Have you guys been there since?
@ SVD...Yay, I ahve company now!
@ UmaS... SO true, spoken like a true foodie. No sugar free also.. Simple Ras Malai with no sugar ouch!
@ Lunch In Paris... Wow... That would be one spicy rice pudding!