Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late Twenties!

This is probably the last day that I can say, I am late twenties when someone asks- How old are you?
Simple. Last day that I can say- Not yet thirty!
Simple. Last day I could possibly tease most of my friends... haha.. Not thirty yet!
and... Sooooooooooooooooooooob....
One, I know all those friends whom I troubled when they turned thirty, will come back to haunt me. And second, flip... I am no more.. Late twenties.
I always said, I will be 25 till I turn 30 and then stay 30 until I turn 40! Holy crap, I have no idea, what being 30 equals. In my mind, I am still a kid, the pampered one of the family. Yes, I am a mother of three year old.. and even that does not make me feel old- I keep repeating, Being younger parents is fun.
Suddenly as I am almost freaking thirty... saying 'being younger parents' just does not seem right. I am definitely not middle aged! Today, I am definitely twenty something, But tomorrow I will be thirty. Woah!. I don’t know how to deal with that!

I know age is a number, it’s in the mind. I know a few 55 year olds who can rock the floor dancing and a few 22 year olds who don’t get off the couch. It's about perception and being young, fit in the mind. I get all that.
But shit, now I have to practice it!
Yes, I am kinda, sorta freaking out.. ..wait a min.. should 'thirty' years old use words like "kinda sorta" hmmmmmmmmm... well screw this. I will! Deal with it.

Happy Birthday to me... its 3-'oh' time!


UmaS said...

ha ha ha....I am sure u'll deal with it, perfectly. :) So, tomorrow is ur bday or what ???? My wishes to you. :)

30s are sure a rocking age !!! Trust me...u'll have fun. :)

Aparna said...

isn't 30 the new 20? :) happy birthday! the 30s rock...maybe u'll get better with wine :)

Happy said...

Trust me- its gonna be all good. Everyone will just assume you are much more wiser and mature and you could use it as a decoy to make people do what "you" want them to do(since you are suddenly the smarter one.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

You'll realize soon enough it's not all that bad after all:)) they say, age is just a number in the mind, nothing more,nothing less he are as old as your mind lets you feel you are...hope you had a great bash...and welcome to the brighter side (for some reason, the grass is greener on the other side paradigm has never sat well with me :))))

Garima said...

@UmaS... I just realised I have not responded to my comments.. It was April 1.. and now I am getting used to theis 3-0
@Aparna... Well I surely hope so!
@Happy.. Thanks for stopping by! Wiser and Mature.. Music to my ears!
@Priyanka.. A week into it, I am starting to agree with you. And yes.. grass is all all about perspective!