Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's getting close

Moves are hard, moving across continents a bit harder. I think. Yes, there are logistics, endless to-do's, lists, list of lists and then besides all the work, it’s the emotional part of it. Leaving the comfort zone, saying good byes, already missing the hugs. It all adds up.
Yes it does get over whelming. But, yes there is a but: It’s okay. You try to look at the bigger picture and say. Hmm, it’s okay.
You remember the reasons of why you are doing the move, why it makes sense for now, the gains... it all adds up. Friends will make the trips, there will be Skype, there will be new jobs, new schools and new land to explore. Yes, there will be missed birthday's, missed milestones, baby showers, baby births.... but then you get back to saying- It's okay. Technology will help me keep closer!

We are getting closer and closer to our Big Move. In less than a week we go to East Coast to meet Baby A. My closest friends kid. I can’t wait to hold the kiddo, try to sneak her in my bag and take her with me. I can’t wait for V to cuddle Baby A. After some more good bye tears in East Cost.... we head off to London!

First air shipment sent- Check
Visas, travel papers ready- Check
To Do lists- Check
Packers, Movers scheduled- Check
Having V' and her friends ready for move- Sorta Check
Crying endlessly on surprise farewell- Check
'Aaahing' in gatherings- Check
Meeting everyone one more time- In progress
Drinking that one barista's coffee- In progress

Ready to go- Nope

I know it’s almost time.... and my husband's facebook status reads: '6'
6 days left till we say good bye to Chicago hello to new Adventures

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UmaS said...

Oh !!! By the time I come here after such a long gap, you are moving huh ??? But London is a gr8 place too...many bloggers are there, whom I know. :)

Take care and have fun in ur new place too. :)