Tuesday, June 28, 2011


For the record it's pronounced as " gren-ich" and nor "green- which". Now that we have that out the way, we spent a lovely Sunday strolling, relaxing, soaking the sun in this nice lazy town which honestly is not as lazy as I expected it to be. 
As soon as we got off the Cutty Saark station, I was taken back, there were lots and lots of people. Everywhere. We had made our plans around the Greenwich Festival, but I really was not expecting the number of people. In less than 10 minute walk, we reached the Greenwich park which had a lovely painted chapel, lots of small and big performances and the best of all a huge park area. We had packed a small picnic basket, so we sat on the grass and enjoyed the picnic food. V was extremely happy, we had recently read a book on 'going to picnic' so she was very involved. Across from there was an exhibition of art. Interactive modern art, rather interactive scientific art. Small little demonstrations of basic laws of physics were on display. Some were evident and some were hidden in art, one had to figure it out. People of all ages spent a good amount of time there. All three of us were mesmerized, I literally had to drag V and Sumit out to see other things. 
There were acrobatic displays, people dressed in salwar suits walking on sticks. V just called them, giant princesses, musical performances and above all very bright sun making us happy and extremely thirsty. A perfect bubble gum flavored ice cream later, we headed to the Royal Observatory, come on, you have to see the GMT line while in Greenwich. The small walk was fun, the GMT line, the 24 hour clock and the back splash of London made lovely photo opportunities. Sadly we reached a bit later and the observatory was closed from inside, but it was still worth the hike. I tried to explain the latitude, longitude concept to V and stopped short, she was just way happier looking at the views and saying ' Click a picture now'
We walked a round the town a bit more and then headed home. V was exhausted and just slept en route back giving the husband wife a good amount of time to just chat witheach other.

The overall day was lazy, picnicking in the park, walking around town, rolling on the grass, dancing with the performers, watching gravity defying acrobats and laughing as V would keep running and shooing the pigeons away. The town definitely calls us back. Summer just started here, I am hoping we can head over there again soon. And next time I am going to start from the Observatory and then do the rest.


Gayatri said...

Love it Garima! My favorite bit is V asking you to stop explaining geography and allow her to admire the views! I can just imagine her saying, "Tate a pitture!"

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Sounds like a lovely day spent outdoors :)...Enjoy the UK....DD and I loved the country...sorry couldn't catch up when we were there...was there for a wedding...but next time, for sure...have fun!!