Monday, September 23, 2013

The lesson learned by a daddy-daughter moment

I have had the Fit Bit on for a while now. V has been nagging me let her wear it for One day. This Sunday, I caved and said- Fine wear it.
The whole day, she excitedly kept tapping to see how well she was doing. She would keep checking on how Sumit's Fit Bit progressed as well. She would walk at a place while we ate food. She was running a patio on a crisp afternoon just to see the five lights of Fit Bit.
We returned home after a long day, and she excitedly went on the Fit Bit app on my phone to realise, she is 590 steps away from her goal of the day. She was super tired, but was keen on completing the steps.

Looking at her tired face, I mumbled to Sumit, let her be. Its okay if she does not finish it.
As usual, she overheard us and was like- I want to feel the 'buzzing on hand'. Once you complete the daily goal, the Fit Bit vibrates and on the wrist it feels like a buzzing sound.
Sumit was super supportive of her and much to my dismay encouraged her to finish the goal. Now in reality, 590 steps is two rounds end to end in my apartment. We have one long corridor. But I was super tired myself and could only imagine how tired V was.
To motivate and encourage V and Sumit headed to the deck. In two minutes I heard sqeals of laughter and delight.

I run up to the deck to realise its V who felt the 'buzzing' on her wrist and completed her goal.
She was delighted and Sumit was happy to see that. She kept saying, 'I finished my steps on the firt day I wore it, yeah'. She hopped to her room and slept with the broadest smile.

I, well I learnt a very important lesson. To complete a goal sometimes is as important to start it and the journey to completion is as memorable and fun as you make it.

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