Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dating of a different kind. Really?

A not so new concept- Girl friends
A not so new concept- Mom Friends
A revelatory concept to me- Mom Dating
No I dont mean 'dating' in its true sense. But mom dating.
Let me elaborate:
Kids have play dates. You schedule these really (really) hoping that you get along with the moms. If you do next steps is play dates as a family. And now you really (really) hope that dad's, if siblings exist all get along well. This whole thing is what I call 'Mom Dating'. And if the family gets along well, chances are you will move to the next step- Get sitters for the kids and the parents go out together for dinner/ drinks/ concerts whatever catches their fancy.
 Hence my revelatory concept: Moms scheduling play dates for their kids in order to 'date' other moms.
This dating is completely different: Its more for moms to have mom-time without feeling like moms. Its for moms to have talk about more things than just 'ballet classes, reading levels and latest kids fad'. But there is no rolled eyes, if you include the 'latest spillage that the kid had on your purse' while you were talking about the NAS Sale.
Kids are likely in similar age group- you will have similar issues at hand, similar victories at hand and above all- for moms, similar frustrations.
This dating becomes imperative. Kids have a good time (They are not in your hair). You have a good time (Since you can let your hair down). See its a win-win situation
In complete disclosure, Have I done the above? May be but without being aware of it. So far its been one of three things for me:
1. We were friends first and so the kids automatically hung out together all the time.
2. If my friends didnt have kids we still hung out all the time, and the kids played with aunts fav. teddy bear.
3. Kids were friends first (or as my 5 year old would say 'She is my BEST friend ever') and the moms hung out enough to realize there is more to us than ferrying the kids around between activities and cursing traffic!

Hence Mom Dating, tread lightly, you don’t want to be a stalker!

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