Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Job

It's rare to tell yourself that. Especially when you know you have not reached your goal but still pat your back and say, you are on the right track- Great Job.

I realized it, this past weekend when a friend commended Sumit on being fitter than before. I am proud of him. He has been good with his Getting Fit business on the Fit Bit. But he was not happy since its far far away from his goal of 15K steps every single day.

Learning from this, I am taking a step back and appreciating my self- Good Job.

I met my walking targets most days past week on the Fit Bit.
I recently joined a Yoga Studio and went to class 4 times in a week.
I made a few better choices. For example, ordering salad instead of pizza. I actually walked past from my yummy bagel place and ordered oatmeal for breakfast instead. But yes, I did enjoy a fair share of cake and cup cakes.
I have woken up at an ungodly hour of 5:30 am to make it to my class before kick starting the day. Whist V was in her class, me as a chaperone decided to talk the hour in the passage looking like a fanatic. But oh well. I did meet my target of steps!

For me, I don’t have a specific goal with this Getting Fit stint. I just want to be more active than I really am. I don’t think the jeans are any looser or the tummy is any bit in. Or better yet, I have not lost a single pound. But you know what, I am proud of myself. For just getting off my hinds and moving.
So good Job- Garima`

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