Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Love Brussel Sprouts

Remember my recipe of 'Roasted Brussel sprouts with apple'. It's been a while since I made it, so last evening, I went for it.

While the sprouts were in the oven, the kids had their dinner; they brushed their teeth and basically got ready for bed.

My little lady comes to the kitchen, point to my casserole and asks: 'What is that'

G: 'Its Brussel Sprouts honey'
LL: I want to eat it
(In my mind, yeah right, you see anything green, you run away from it unless its Green M&M)
I scooped out some in a dish and showed her
G: 'There you go; do you want to try it?
LL: Yes
(In my mind, yeah right, this is yet another excuse to not go to sleep)
To my surprise: 'Little Lady' sat, finished the bowl, asked for seconds!!!

I know you won't believe it, so here is a video of her enjoying and saying: 'I Love Brussel Sprouts!'

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